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Results from the Fragout Podcast Archery Shoot

Sorry for the delay everyone - here are the results from our July 8-9 Fragout Podcast Archery Shoot.

7-8-23 shoot
Download PDF • 112KB

Thank you to all of you who shot our course, enjoyed the great food, and helped Vaspire 3:16 raise money for their cause.

We have to give extra thanks to everyone who made this event something special. Thank you to Ryan Lonergan from Fragout Podcast for putting together some awesome giveaways for every registered shooter, great prizes for the long shot challenge, and organizing the amazing food we all enjoyed. Thank you to Jacole Hall for bringing a wide variety of raffle baskets and sharing more about Dominic's story. And thank you to Cody Krepline for taking the time to provide the amazing smoked pork and brisket all weekend.

If you'd like more information about Vaspire 3:16 or Fragout Podcast, check out the links below.

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