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Archery Liason:

Kristin Armitage - 920-284-6976 or

Archery President:

Chris Thalacker - 608-617-3635 or

Archery Vice President:

Austin Knapp - 319-310-4544 or

Archery Clubhouse Phone: (920) 757-1813

PLEASE NOTE: Although the archery gate does close on September 16, a practice range is available right off of the Sporting Clays parking lot. Look for the "Practice Range" sign and follow the trail to the two-tiered tower.


2 practice ranges, 3 walkthrough courses with 23 total stations

Crossbow targets available at the main range


Archery league runs from the first Wednesday in May through the last Wednesday in August.

2 person teams, each team member must submit 12 scores to be eligible for awards.


Summer League


April 8 - 1 day Deck Shoot 9 am to 3 pm Unmarked Yardage/No rangefinders

May 6-7 - 8 am to 3 pm both days, Marked Yardage

June 17-18 - 8 am to 3 pm both days, Marked Yardage

July 8-9 - 8 am to 3 pm both days, Marked Yardage

August 19-20 - 3D & String Shoot, 8 am to 3 pm both days, Unmarked Yardage/No rangefinders PLUS pop up tournament

3D Schedule


Kids shoot individually for only $5!

Summer Youth Archery
Archery Calendar
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