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Memberships can be purchased at any of our three clubhouses during regular operating hours.

Non-members pay $12/day.

Please check each division's page for more information regarding any additional daily shooting fees.

Membership rates and definitions as of January 1, 2023 are as follows:

Annual Individual - $60

Membership for one person only.

Annual Junior (12-17) - $30

Ages 12-17 only. Refer to by-laws for other details.

Annual Family - $80*

Includes immediate family at same address 17 and under.

Annual Military - $40

Includes active, retired, and reserve statuses in all branches.

Annual Senior & Handicap - $40**

62 and older or qualifying handicap. 

Life Membership - $750***

Dues to be paid directly to club treasurer.

* If a minor turns 18 during membership period, they will be required to purchase a qualifying individual membership

** Board of Directors to determine qualifying handicap eligibility. Does not include temporary handicaps.

*** For lifetime memberships, a check or cash in the amount of the membership may be given to the person issuing memberships that day at the range. Membership cards will NOT be issued that day. When payment is received by the Treasurer, the physical membership card will be issued. The process will be expedited so membership cards should be issued in 2 weeks or less.

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