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June 24 Centerfire Rifle Ice Bag Shoot

What happens when a water filled Ice Bag is hit by a Rifle Bullet? Lots of FUN!

On Saturday June 24th starting at 10 am, Twin City Rod and Gun Club will be having a fun event for Rifle Shooters. You don’t need a fancy competition rifle to participate, or even win, this challenging shoot. A lever action deer rifle, a bolt action varmint rifle, or an AR type rifle will work just fine. You’ll be shooting at 8 pound Ice Bags filled with water and set at 35 to 100 yards. Bags are hung from Tee Posts.

Sounds kind of Easy? Well all shooting with Optical Sights is done from a Standing Offhand Position. And you have just 50 seconds and 5 shots to break your 5 bags in progressive order by distance. Break the first bag at 35 yards, then break the next at 50 yards, the next at 65 yards, the next at 80 yards, and finally break the next at 100 yards. Each shooter takes on the line of 5 bags, 3 times. So the perfect score is 15 bags. Ties will be broken by shooting 5 shots at a NRA SR1 Rifle target set at 80 yards from the Standing Offhand Position. This will be Timed Fire of 50 seconds also. Targets will be scored by Officials.

Those shooting with Iron Sights can shoot this match from a Standing, Sitting, or Kneeling Position (No rifle support other than body and sling).

What to bring with you: Centerfire Rifle, Sling, Minimum of 20 rounds of Ammo, Hearing and Eye protection, Positive Attitude, and $12. For additional information, please contact Mike Nigl with a call or text 920-527-8595. Ribbon awards will be given for Optical and Iron Sight Classes.

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