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Winners of money raffle

Winners of the raffle     $1000  Meridith McArthur  ;; $500  Jim McArthur;;  $250  Dave Baraniak;;; $100 Tom Kieson;;;$50  Mike Racer ;;;;$50  Jim McArthur  :::  $50 Pat Medo :::  $50 Oscar Wolfgram::; $50   Tim Christianson:::: $50  Kenny Swanson:::  $50 Pam Swanson $50  Harold Gicking .     Congratulations winners  


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FISH CONTEST WINNERS   Awards  are as follows  1st $25.00 2nd $20.00  3rd $15.00 ::::::::::  WINNERS::::.Ron Vanderzanden  ; 2nd perch,   1st SM Bass ; 3rd Walleye; 2nd Crappie; 2nd White bass; 1st LM Bass ; 2nd bluegill ; 1st Northern : 3rd Coho; 1st Sauger ; 2nd Rainbow  2nd Chinook ::::::::   Mike Racer; 1st Perch ; 1st Crappie ; 1st Brown Trout;  1st Bluegill ;  3rd Rainbow  :::::::::::: Kevin Kaczmarek :2nd  SM Bass; 3rd Crappie;   3rd White Bass ;::::::::::Robert Shattuck;  1st Walleye; 1st White Bass; 1st Coho ; 2nd Coho ; 1st Rainbow ; 1st Chinook ;:::::::::JIm Jenson ; 3rd Perch ; ::::::::  Karen  Shattuck ; 2nd Walleye .


DEER CONTEST  WINNERS:: 1st $25     2nd $20   3rd $15   Gun Buck  :1st Kenny Swanson 169lbs 6 pt :::: 2nd Bob Chabalowski  168 LBS 9 pt. 3rd Gary Swanson  146lbs 8 pt 

Gun Doe :  1st Al King 114lbs :: Gene Biettler  100 lbs ::: 3rd Bill Martin  61 lbs .

Bow  Buck :   1st Jordan  Jensen 200lbs 11pt ;:::::::::2nd  Dan Gulbrandson 192lbs  8pt ;::::::  3rd Tyler Dorn  174   9pt

Bow Does:  1st  Brin Biettler 108lbs :::::::::::: 2nd   Gene Bietler 96lbs :::::: 3rd Ron Vanderzanden  82lbs




Rifle Range


The rifle range will host a Civil War  skirmish  on June 3 and 4  2017.  The 100 yd line will be closed for open shooting  from 9:00 am  saturday june 3 until closing  .The remainder of the range is open.  On sunday June 4  the 100 yd range will be closed until  noon . The remainder of the range will be open.  The entire range will be open  after 12:00 on sunday . Set up for the  skirmish will take place on the 100 yd line on fri june 2 .We will try to keep some shooting points open for as long as possible  Please come out and see this exciting sport and talk with the competitors.

Range Rules

  3. All guns unloaded, actions open and an ECI (Empty Chamber Indicator) in chamber (or gun in case/holster) going to and from the line or when changing shooting stations
  4. Sign in with manager in clubhouse:
    • Show your membership card. Or pay day shooting fee
    • Borrow ear muffs or staple gun (but do not staple the bench or stool)
    • Purchase targets, clays or ear plugs from range manager
    • Immediately stop shooting
    • Engage safety, open action and insert ECI (or case/holster gun)
    • Leave gun on bench in stable position
    • Raise your bench flag and move behind your bench
    • Do not handle guns while flags are up
    • Do not go down range to place or check targets until all flags are up and all shooters are away from guns
    • Do not put flags down or touch guns until all shooters are back behind benches
  6. Flags may be put up every 15 minutes, except when range is under direct supervision of a range officer who’s announced commands must be obeyed
  7. Prohibitions:
    • No alcohol allowed on the firing line
    • No Armor Piercing, Steel Core, Tracer or Incendiary bullets allowed
    • No rapid fire - at least 5 seconds between shots
    • No crossfire. Shoot only at the target in front of your bench
    • No benches are to be moved (Unless authorized by a range officer)
  8. Target rules:
    • Do not move target frames (Unless authorized by a range officer)
    • Targets must be placed within the target board edges only
    • Do not place objects on top of the target frame (Birds, Cans, etc.)
    • Trap shooters must insure that thrower adjustment and shooter position does not result in pellets hitting target boards, trap houses or landing off the range.
  9. Minors (under 18) must be accompanied and supervised as follows:
    • Under 14 – a parent, responsible adult or certified Hunter Safety Instructor
    • 14 thru 17 – may shoot unsupervised with Hunter Safety Certificate, but not handguns
    • No one under the age of 18 will handle or fire a handgun.
  10. Pick up your brass, clean up your litter and place in appropriate container
  11. Report any faulty equipment to a range officer or to manager in the clubhouse
  12. Do not pick up another shooter’s brass (Unless authorized by shooter or a range officer)
  13. The range officer(s) will interpret rules, resolve all disputes, and may deny the shooting privileges of, or ask anyone to leave the property. Those who do not comply will be removed by the police


Twin City Rod & Gun Club in Neenah, Wisconsin

Twin City Rod & Gun Club

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Neenah, WI 54957-0861
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